About Us

We are a young, professional and enthusiastic team, performing industrial rope access. With the new climbing techniques and time-tested expertise, we can perform the same extreme and complicated job. We set ourselves the highest standards: The action begins by evaluating their own and surrounding risk factor for working out qualitative and completing it on time.

Our technicians are trained and having a rope certificates. We regularly organize training for health and safety at work. We work with all the works, fire and environmental safety requirements.


We perform all work heights or hard-to-reach places. Our company certified rope can perform various tasks, such as difficulty achieving or restricted areas at high altitude. Using only certified, climbing equipment and ropes, we can quickly perform work extremely hard to reach places.

“Rope” benefits

This work adjustment method is clearly beneficial to you because:

• reduced time and resources;

• unstoppable and does not limit your activities because we would not prejudge the object heavy equipment, scaffolding or other structures;

• does not damage the structure of the building, because we do not use fasteners, or other spun-bonded or other details;

• statistics of our work is significantly safer than normal work to be done;